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About Us

Incorporated in the United States, Headquartered in Africa, Operates Globally.

Who we are

Our story goes like this

Sifalo is an African fintech and cloud solutions provider, our key experience is in the rapid development of advanced software and financial technology solutions for small, enterprise and government clients which are delivered through the cloud or on-premises.

We are an African based tech startup that was founded by a group of young entrepreneurs in 2017 and since then we managed to design and develop various software solutions for various clients across the east African regions and internationally.

Our core mission is the digitalization of businesses both in the private and government sector. We believe we live in an increasingly digital world, and it is more important than ever to provide the necessary infrastructure and platforms to improve local businesses and help them keep up with the international demand.

Our team are a group of designers, engineers, financial experts, thinkers and business analyst.
This unique team has particular set of skills honed by years of experience in their respective fields and their sole mission is to bring the latest and greatest solutions to everyday business problems.

Meaning we design and develop revolutionary products and platforms to simplify how businesses do business.

Empowering African Businesses to reach their full protentional

Talented Experts

Our team is made up of innovators and problem-solvers who are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Premium Services

Handcrafted to ninety nine percent perfection and working on the one percent.

Our Mission

To ignite the digital revolution in Africa one solution, one service and one platform at a time.

Time to invest back into
your business


Hargeisa, Road number 1 –

Omar Hashi Building 401.

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