About Company

Sifalo is a software company that operates in the field of Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence.

We have two business models:

  • Sifalo Apps:
  • These are applications that is entirely planned, designed and developed by sifalo.
    These apps are usually intended for personal or business use.
  • Business Apps:
  • These are user requested applications, and they are developed as per user request and requirements.
    We develop highly secure cloud connected application services for both small and enterprise businesses with the cheapest cost possible insuring both the security and efficiency of our services.
    We build and support both offline and online database driven softwares as per end user preference.


Giving people and business around the world powerful tools that would make their life and work more easier and productive.

Meet Our Board

Ibrahim Ahmed Ali

Founder & CEO

Software Engineer and a Security Researcher. He is the founder and CEO responsible of leading and directing the design and development of company products.

Hamse Mohamed Beyle

Co-Founder & CFO

Financial Manager, He is the Co-founder and the Chief manager of all company finances, Directing towards the success of new ventures.

Abdishakuur Abdilahi Ahmed

COO & VP of Engineering

Software Engineer and the Chief of company operations, He is the VP of engineering and co-founded Netfleek one of the biggest products here at sifalo.

Want a service or a product ?

We can provide website development and publishing, software development, hosted web apps, Product design and publishing, graphic design and selling your products through suuqone.com. So for any of these services contact us.